Batch-off Machines

Midlands is well known as a world leader in rubber processing equipment, due in part to our extensive program of batch-off machines for producing both strips and/or full-width slabs on the same machine. Each batch-off is tailored to your specific requirements, first selecting the main construction type, then adding accessories to further enhance your batch-off machine.

Cooling Conveyors

Midlands' cooling conveyor design is ideal for situations in which a batch-off is required that can handle types of rubber compounds low in green strength or when marking is not desirable. These can include standard dip tanks with air cooling/drying or spray cooling/air drying. Our Cooling Conveyors gently handle the compounds while still meeting our high productivity requirements. Provided in single or multiple tiers, and inclined or flat layouts, they can utilize most of the batch-off accessories available from Midlands.


Batch-off Accessories