Batch-off Machines

Midlands is well known as a world leader in rubber processing equipment, due in part to our extensive program of batch-off machines for producing both strips and/or full-width slabs on the same machine. Each batch-off is tailored to your specific requirements, first selecting the main construction type, then adding accessories to further enhance your batch-off machine.

Cantilever Batch-off

A Cantilever Batch-off utilizes a very heavy-duty chain and bar assembly designed and built by Midlands. Due to the wrap-around design, this unit saves floor space as well as labor. These units are typically used by custom mixers, industrial rubber goods mixers, and whenever there is a requirement for producing strips.
-A Midlands Cantilever Batch-off is approx. 50% shorter than a fixed-bar batch-off due to the wrap-around design
-A Midlands Cantilever Batch-off can provide inline, right hand, or left hand layouts to best suit your area
-A Midlands Cantilever Batch-off can position the stacking area to potentially save labor costs
-Sizes available: 12", 20", 26", 30", 36", 44", with bar centers from 4" to 8"


Batch-off Accessories